EEIG's response to the Budget and Spending Review

Sarah Kostense-Winterton, Chairman of the EEIG, comments Just last week, the Prime Minister made a promise to make the move to greener homes an affordable, fair and common sense proposal. However, today’s Spending Review and Budget has massively underfunded this ambition, and risks putting the UK on the backfoot for net zero. Making our homes healthier faces an investment shortfall of £9.75bn this Parliament – investment which could vitally cut household fuel bills and support green jobs and businesses across the country

Today is a missed opportunity to address the long-standing underfunding of domestic energy efficiency improvements, the unsung hero of green infrastructure priorities. Moving forward, the Government must channel funds with speed from the £16bn green gilt and offer attractive financial deals through the UK Infrastructure Bank, in order to get us back on track. Using the PM’s own words from last week, only this will make the transition to green homes “affordable, attractive and fair”. "