About us

The Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group (EEIG), is a collaboration of leading industry and trade bodies and consumer groups, think tanks, environmental NGOs and major engineering, energy, construction and insulation businesses. 

The EEIG objectives

Help the UK by supporting a 20-year national infrastructure programme to bring all UK homes up to a decent standard of energy efficiency, warmth and comfort without increasing energy bills. 


  • Reducing energy bills by a quarter on average for UK households and keeping them low
  • Delivering substantial health and well-being benefits to all 
  • Cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the most cost-effective way
  • Creating growth, productivity, and enterprise in low carbon industries
  • Bringing strong economic returns of a similar scale to other major infrastructure project
  • Increasing GDP by £3.20 for every £1 invested by the government
  • Generating more than 100,000 new jobs a year, spread across the UK

Our members