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Invest to Save - Energy Security Starts At Home

EEIG Autumn Budget briefing highlighting the lasting steps the Government can take now to support households to weather sharp energy bill hikes and result in permanent bill savings.

Government needs to invest in a comprehensive national infrastructure programme for UK homes and buildings up to a decent standard of energy efficiency. This will bring warmth and comfort, help meet our climate targets, and boost the UK economy whilst reducing energy bills discover

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The Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group (EEIG), is a collaboration of leading industry and trade bodies and consumer groups, think tanks, environmental NGOs and major engineering, energy, construction and insulation businesses.

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Investment required to get energy efficiency policy on track and for better, cheaper & healthier homes


UK housing repair and maintainance market in 2016


annual investment needed from public and private sources


public investment in energy efficiency in recent years


annual investment gap per year


extra annual government investment per year needed to meet targets


private investment the 1bn needed will create


Green Stamp Duty Land Tax

Green Stamp Duty Land Tax

A housing market catalyst to drive carbon emission reductions

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