EEIG’s Statement on the Mission Zero Coalition’s Report: "Mission Retrofit - the Building Mission Zero "

EEIG’s Chairman, Sarah Kostense-Winterton comments, “Today's report by Building Mission Zero summarises the current state of play and industry views on the energy performance of the UK's building stock, sending a clear message that a renewed focus on insulating buildings to reduce energy demand, and supporting households to upgrade their heating systems to low energy alternatives such as heat pumpsis needed to help stimulate the economy, meet carbon budgets, and to cut people's fuel bills for good. 

Engaging, empowering and incentivising people to upgrade their homes and business, is absolutely critical for a successful, once in a generation, transition to a net zero carbon building stock. Now is the time for the Government to come forward with a ten-year national retrofit plan setting out exactly what happens next, creating a climate of commitment to policies and market certainty.”